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"Thanks to The Fitness Cell, I'm in the best shape of my adult life. I've always worked out, but the passage of time and the pressures of work make it hard to break through those plateaus. The Fitness Cell team smashes through the barriers with expertise, surprise, skill - and they make it all fun. Every workout is different. Every one works. My weight is down. My cholesterol is down. My heart rate is down. My metabolism and energy are up. Plus that feeling of being strong spills over into every part of my life. None of that would have happened without the help of everyone at The Fitness Cell."
- George Stephanopolous

"One main feature I enjoy is working out with different trainers. However, each trainer has a common theme: hard, rigorous workouts for a solid hour. The Cell keeps very good records on progress and each trainer is genuinely interested in improving my mental and physical health. I had 3 major surgeries between April-December 2009. I was out of the gym for over 12 months. As of today, I never felt stronger. All the hobbies and sports I do include swimming, golf and biking around the park are easier and I have a lot more stamina. My wife actually said I look good!!! My advice is: figure out a way to build the cell into your life and you will see results if you stay with it."
- Floyd Converse

"I started training at the Cell from its inception. I credit this training with keeping me in such good condition that it was at least partially responsible for my surviving a recent extreme medical emergency. Generally speaking, I feel better, I am stronger and healthier and happier. The atmosphere at the studio is always welcoming and professional. It is a pleasure to be there (which is important in terms of motivation)."
- Muriel Peters